Price: $500

Province: Alberta
City: Legal
Type: Pets

Looking for a Dog that is trained to hunt, loves kids and plays very gentle with them, is house trained & kennel trained, loves car rides and doesn?t run all over the vehicle, is good with other animals and isn?t too high maintenance?? Well look no further!! Here he is, BENZE, our Pure Bred (non-registered) Shorthaired German Pointer!
This boy is a hybrid! He knows how to be calm and respectful in the house and than comes to life when in the field!!
He is one year old and a real treat! He knows how to sit, shake a paw, stay, speak, point when he spots prey, he doesn?t go on the road but if you are with him and you are allowing him to cross the road he stops and sits to look both ways and make sure it?s safe for not only him but his owners before crossing (we always take him to the field across the road to play tag with him.) He knows his boundaries and obeys them very well, as he does orders. He is amazing around kids, as I do not have any myself but come from a big family and we always take him with us to family functions during the summer and he can have a 2 year old trying to ride on his back and would never do anything to hurt her, he is a very gentle creature. He is protective of his owners and has very good instincts when it comes to knowing what is a threat. We recently had someone try to break into our house, he broke the bathroom window and tried coming in through there but Benze was on it right away and stood by the window growling and wouldn?t allow him to enter. He never bit him, he merely stood there guarding the window scaring him off. I trust him with my life and highly doubt he ever would?ve bit even our intruder, I believe he would?ve just trapped him in a corner if he had gotten into the house and growled if he tried to move, but in all honesty i couldn?t see him causing any harm, and he never has for that matter. We have started training him to hunt pheasant, and when he see?s a bird he stops and stands as still as possible with his front paw lifted and pointing towards the direction of his prey. He does the same thing if you ask him ?where?s the bird?? He has completed stage 1 of his training. He is a very smart and easy dog to train as he is VERY obedient. He is not neutered though, but is still young. He is an amazing dog and anyone would be lucky to have him in their lives! But unfortunately we just don?t have as much time for him as we used to, we don?t want to get rid of him as he is our boy and we have grown to love him very much but it just might be what?s best for him if we can find him a home with plenty of love. So if you believe that you can provide for him and would like to make him a part of your home, please contact us by Call, Text, or Email and we would love to set up a day/time for you to meet him and answer any questions you might have.
**If this ad is still here than this wonderful boy is still here**
Due to car breaking down we will not be able to deliver dog to you. We live 40kms North of St. Albert, It is 33kms down Highway 2 and 7kms down Gravel (Very easy directions)

Thank you,
Sarah and Tony